Designing and strength analysis of metal frames are the key factors of our cooperation with Clients. The entire process is being performed on the basis of engineering software AutoDesk Revit, AutoDesk Robot, AutoCad and JFBA. Our designers and constructors estimates parameters provided by the Client in its project in accordance with the efficient European standards, such as Eurocode (all series).
We transfer design documents for further frame production exclusively after the agreement of developed construct and design with the Client and final approval.
Personnel of the Engineering Department have broad experience in LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framing) engineering and steel intensity analysis. Frames manufactured in accordance with the proposed technology and lifting properties of their elements enable construction of three-storey buildings (both of residential and commercial purposes) and unsupported spans of 15-18 m height (for sheds and warehouses).

The Engineering Department strains after maximum optimisation of frame intensity. Lightweight structure could be installed on a light foundation – consequently it could reduce your costs

In order to ease and facilitate frame assembling our designers prepare an assembly drawing set for each panel and a general assembly schedule for all panels. Total cost of ordered frame already incorporates component parts, connections and installation sequence.

Precise production of a frame shape with the 1 mm accuracy 1 eliminates risk of human errors on a construction site. Compliance with the requirements of assembly provisions will ensure long-term stability of building structure and eliminate any distortions in future.

Maximum deviation from the preset designed geometry of a building is 1 mm.

The Engineering Department not only develops designs for complex structures but could propose the best solution regarding frames to be used for:

  • Adjacent Structures
  • Overstories
  • Half storeys
  • Marquises
  • Floorings
  • Internal partitions
  • Flights of stairs and stairs
  • Balconies
  • Advertising stands
  • Walls
  • Frame systems

And whatever you want to construct in the most convenient, quick, quality, and reliable way. If you have an idea, just put it on paper and our designers will propose you the best solution ever.