Wall panels

Wall panels made applying our technology demonstrate precise geometry and levelled surface ready for finishing with sheet materials: gypsum panels, OSB, fiber-reinforced cement panels, etc. Our Engineering Department will locate openings of doors, windows, and ventilation openings in accordance with the design documents, with the help of our high-precision equipment we will produce all structural elements, and workers will easily and quickly assemble and install wall panels. In such a manner we eliminate risk of human errors (errors in dimensions, overrun of material costs), minimise volume of formed construction waster (we use 100% of produced products), and accelerate the entire construction process (structures are assembled quickly because additional levelling of wall geometry and flatness is not required).

Where you could use our wall panels?

external walls

  • Interior partitions (walls in offices, apartments, rooms)
  • Wind screens
  • Interior modules/compartments
  • Floorings (for floor or ceiling)
  • Enclosure panels

Enclosure panels for monolithic and multi-storey buildings are very popular nowadays due to their characteristics enabling minimisation of loads on foundation, acceleration of construction processes, manual installation without expensive lifting devices, idea; geometry, quick assemblage and easy installation. Wall could include service holes intended for laying of cable, water piping and communications.
Wall panels are made from construction steel with the flow limit from 350 to 550 MPa – this means that all walls are load-bearing and could withstand high loads.

Wall panels – optimum solution in construction of spread and spatial internal areas to be used as offices, compartments or rooms. Ideal geometry, light weight and strength help to solve all construction issues in time and manage the costs in the most efficient way.