Production process of LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framing) is based on the opportunities provided by high-tech and innovative equipment manufactured by the New-Zeeland Company HOWICK. High quality equipment ensures production of frame components maintaining 1 mm. accuracy. Production capacity of our process line enables manufacturing of 200 – 250 sq. m. frame for residential building in one working shift.

0.8 – 1.2 mm thickness metal with corrosion-resistant zinc coating – zinc 275 gr./ sq. m., zinc and aluminium > 150 gr./ sq. m., zinc and magnesium > 175 gr./ sq. m. is being used for production.

We use high quality construction steel (with the flow limit from 350 to 550 MPa) produced by the world known manufacturers ARCELOR MITTAL, MARCEGAGLIA, BLUESCOPESTEEL

Metal frame production technology provides particular opportunities to enhance bearing qualities of a frame as well as simplify further assembly and installation of the frame. The following profile optimisation operations are being performed using the equipment:

All machine tools ru500
  1. Lip Cut. Cutting of lips provides opportunity to connect profiles both directly or throughout.
  2. Dimple hole. Also known as preperforated hole. Mainly used for connection of frame profiles by latching and tightening with the help of screws.
  3. End truss of 45°. Angular cutting of a profile. Cutting of edges maintaining 45 ° angle provides opportunity to connect two profiles at any angle.
  4. Printing. Each component of a frame is marked with permanent ink in accordance with the design documentation using equipment with printer. Due to this frames are assembled as easy and interesting as LEGO.
  5. Bolt hole. Machine perforates hole of 13 mm diameter to be used for joining of panels/girders with bolts, washers and nuts.
  6. Triple web hole. Used for joining of panels their calibration/alignment.
  7. Service hole. Also known as fabrication hole. Is used for concealing of electric cables, water pipes and other installation inside walls or girders during the initial phase of construction works.
  8. Swage. Due to swaging profiles with identical cross-section could be inserted into each other and maintain the ideal flatness of a panel surface.
  9. Notch. Along with swaging side cut is used for throughout connection of profiles.

All operations are performed applying perforating, consequently, zinc coating remains undamaged at all cut points. We use high quality construction steel with dense protective zinc coating (Z275 grams per square meter) produced by the world known manufacturers. Due to the occurred pulling effect (diffusion) at perforation points all cut edges remain coated with zinc. Thus corrosion in cut-off points is completely eliminated as distinct from thermal cutting using polishing tools or electric saws.

BevalendProduced components of frames, in particular vertical studs, are with a turned down end. The aforesaid turndown ensures tights perpendicular connection with the upper and bottom chords of a panel. Points of rolled stiffening plates are radially extended when shaping the chord. In case of vertical stud connection to the horizontally oriented chord without a turndown, particular gap between the bottom chord wall and the end of a pier could be formed. Such gap transfers heavy loads to screws and the overall structure could shrink slightly under the load impact. As it is shown in figure, all components of our structures are turned down. This shall be deemed as technological advantage comparing this technology with conventional construction methods using moulded profiles.
Production capacity of our process line enables manufacturing of 200 – 250 sq. m. frame for residential building in one working shift.

Dimensions and geometry of our profiles (section view)

Profile lips on and off

Cross section of manufactured profiles – asymmetric. Profile flange on the left is higher than the flange on the right for one thickness of used metal. Such asymmetry could be used in order to place two profiles one into another and form a box – consequently to have a strengthened profile (beam).

Profile boxable