Advantages of LGSF

  1. Quality. Technology of Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) is a leading construction technology based on recent developments in the field of science and technology, applicable in construction. Automation of production processes and high precision equipment enable production of frame shape with the 1 mm accuracy.
  2. Low Costs. Light Steel Thin-Walled frames are the most cost-efficient and enabling technologies in the sphere of civil engineering.
  3. Ease of Construction. This light structure could be placed on a lightweight and consequently cheaper foundation. The LGSF allows placement on a light strip foundation. Due to the light weight of a structure, this technology could be used both to reconstruct and superstruct existing buildings.
  4. Quick, Easy and Precise Installation. Each element of a frame is individually marked. Frame erection could be compared with playing the Erector construction set. 3-4 installers could frame a 150- 200 sq. m house structure in 2-4 days. The only tool to be used for installation is a screwdriver. Quick installation enables our clients to reduce their timing budgets rationally.
  5. Elimination of Lifting Equipment Costs. Light Gauge Steel Framing could be installed without crane or other heavy lifting equipment.  All elements of a frame: walls, floorings, frame of roof are assembled, transferred and installed manually. It’s relevant in case of limited space on a construction site required for heavy cranes or inconvenient access to the site.
  6. Elimination of Welding Costs. Light Gauge Steel Framing should not be welded; they are tightened with the help of tap-bolts or nonthreaded fasteners.
  7. No shrinkage. Buildings of LGSF demonstrate precise geometry and high strength properties. Metal properties eliminate shrinkage or deformation at the end of their installation. Buildings of LGSF maintain task geometry in spite of humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  8. Fire Resistance. Metal demonstrates high fire resistance qualities.
  9. No seasonal impact. LGSF technology is based on “dry” construction methods; consequently, structure could be installed at any time of the year and under all adequate weather conditions.
  10. Broad interior layout opportunities. LGSF technology enables creation of interior spaces of up to 19 meters without additional supporting structures. Using these opportunities designers and architects could realize their modern and innovative ideas of what they think about the interior design.
  11. Reliability and durability. Light Gauge Steel Structure is durable and reliable due to the construction steel with the flow limit from 350 to 550 MPa used for its production. Anticorrosive zinc coating (275 grams per 1 sq. m, zinc coating with aluminum or magnesium additives) protects metal against rust within the long-term operation.
  12. Operation. Buildings of LGSF demonstrate highly precise parameters. They are protected against biological impact of humidity and temperature fluctuations. These properties enable long-term operation of buildings, and, consequently the overall efficiency of the entire project. Repair costs of buildings of LGSF are much lower than ones to be faced in case of conventional buildings.
  13. Environmentally friendly. Steel is an odourless environment friendly material which does not emit any hazardous substances. Properly used steel structures are safe to human health and environment. All frames are insulated with completely processed organic materials, such as: polyurethane resin, mineral wool, eco wool, cellular polystyrene, low density foamed concrete.
  14. Cleanness. Construction site remains clean. All components of a Light Gauge Steel Structure are prefabricated and preassembled in accordance with the design objectives. In this case, materials that are exclusively required for assemblage of the entire building should be delivered to the construction site. 100% of delivered frame is being used. We guarantee absence of construction waste, offcuts, defective products, etc.